131 Charles Street, Beacon Hill Boston, Massachusetts United States
131 Charles Street, Beacon Hill, Boston, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

Crush Boutique Sketching our own designs

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Growing up together on the Connecticut Shoreline, Laura Macris and Rebecca Hall spent their teenage years recreating looks from fashion magazines and sketching their own designs. Always styling their friends, the girls’ interest in fashion grew, as did the desire of opening their own boutique one day. The pair attended different colleges and entered the corporate world upon graduating, but their dream never fell to the wayside. Though they worked in public relations and finance, respectively, the girls wanted to ensure their dream would become a reality--they took time to travel to New York and Los Angeles to research new designers, and they began taking fashion classes at Massachusetts College of Art. After years of hard work and dedication, Crush Boutique opened its doors in April 2007, when the girls were just 25 years old. 

Inspired by their many “crushes” on articles of clothing, handbags, and accessories, the girls opened their boutiques - “Crush.” Laura and Rebecca wanted one word that is short, sweet, and memorable. The word is innocent and flirtatious, just like the girls’ style. It was the perfect fit for a store that exudes their love of all things fashion.

Both Rebecca Hall and Laura Macris reside in Boston, and you’ll find them in their stores most every day. Rebecca can often be found in ripped jeans, a white tee, fabulous accessories, and a black leather jacket. Catch Laura rocking patterned shorts, a silk blouse, and high-heeled booties. The girls still play dress up together, and will continue to do so for many years to come. 

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