Fargo Fargo, North Dakota United States
Fargo, Fargo, North Dakota, UNITED STATES

Love in the Oven Bakery

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From measuring to decorating to being a small business owner, every step brings me joy. I wanted to create a bakery where everything is fresh and made just for you – Thus, the idea of a made-to-order bakery!

I use high quality ingredients and the little homemade touches that really make these baked goods something special. Along with this idea I wanted to minimize negative impacts on the environment by using local ingredients to the fullest extent. All of the packaging is made of food grade recycled materials and biodegradable.

It all came full circle. Doing what I love – bringing smiles to people’s faces and watching out for our planet at the same time. Enjoy and thank you for your business!

- Casey Steele, Owner

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