4480 North Point Boulevard Baltimore, Maryland United States
4480 North Point Boulevard, Baltimore, Maryland, UNITED STATES

North American Millwright Services Inc.

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Founded in 1989, North American Millwright Services, Inc. has built a reputation as one of the region’s leading providers in machinery installation, rigging, welding, process piping, plant relocation, industrial maintenance and equipment warehousing.

For more than two decades, North American has been challenged to remove, replace, relocate and install hundreds of pieces of equipment and machinery, in every size, shape, weight and near impossible condition. We will never walk away from the most demanding request, rather, we’ll work to complete that mission with precision and safety.

North American Millwright tackles the sometimes awesome responsibility of handling millions of dollars worth of machinery with delicacy and precision.

Complete plant relocations have schedule sensitivities forcing downtime to be planned and minimal. Once equipment is fully functioning, regular plant maintenance can be provided to keep it up and running. Warehousing services are offered to allow for equipment to be stored or staged if the customer is not ready to receive it after it ships, or for any long term storage needs.

Working safely may get old, but so do those who practice it.

For North American Millwright, this has been a guiding principle since our founding. Safety is on the minds of every North American team member, everyday, on every job.

In performing our responsibilities, we do not take professional shortcuts. This practice drives us to achieve the highest level of workplace safety. Our goal is zero tolerance of breaches in safety practices. We are proud of our safety record and firmly believe that workplace safety is job one.

North American Millwright is trusted by companies of all sizes and industries to provide services under the most demanding circumstances. Though we embrace the opportunity to meet tight deadlines, tighter tolerances, and provide around the clock availability, we will never, for any reason, compromise the safety of our personnel, our client’s employees or their equipment.

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    North American Millwright is trusted by companies of all sizes and industries to perform services under the…


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