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Brief Overview

It was early 2005 when they first invented and introduced as a quick pod or selfie stick that became commercially available in United States on the following year.

There was 25 selfie stick inventions listed in 2014 at Time Magazine. Selfie stick became a helpful device to those people who likes taking their self photos and group photos. Instead of relying on your hands to take your selfies that inevitably sometimes also captures your arms in the picture which is unsightly to view or to post, and sometimes it’s a little bit awkward to ask for a favor to someone to take your photo in that good view or with that amazing background or simply you don't have the time to look for someone when you want to capture that beautiful moment.

Well, a good selfie stick will sort all that out for you. On my page here, I will do my best to recommend the most popular and the most awesome selfie sticks you can find on the market.

Check my stickers here, that I will update freqvently and maybe you will find the right selfie stick to capture those great moments

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