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How stuff works on Reliable Index?

Step 1. To add content on Reliable Index, you will need to open a free account.

Step 2.
As soon as you have an account, your own business page. Pages do not necessarily need to be related to your business, they can be related to different topics, holiday and places , individual products or services, and so on...

Step 3.
Your page will then be reviewed by an administrator, and once it has been aproved, it will go live on our website forever, unless you remove it.

Step 4.
Now that you have a page live business page on Reliable Index, you can start enhancing your page, by adding content related to that page. Homepage stickers are a very popular choice, because they can be linked to anything you want to promote. For example if you want to promote a sale page of your amazon product, that's great, all you have to do is to write and publish a sticker about it, and that sticker will be visible on the front page for your choosen keywords. Once a consumer is searching for your keywords, your sticker will show up leading the consumer to the full content of your sticker and from there to your business page.

Adding your stickers it's easy. Once you login, please visit the "my pages" link on your account dashboard, and you will see a list with all that pages you have created on Reliable Index. You will then have to look for the page that you want to add the sticker to, and then click the sticker icon, enter the sticker title, the related keywords, the full sticker content and then click submit. 

Every sticker will be checked by one of our administrators before it's going live, but once your sticker has been aproved it will be shown on the homepage at no extra cost, gaining tremendous exposure. 

Step 5.
Please make sure that you optimize your sticker, by implementing the right keywords, also make sure that the content of your sticker is unique and so on ... Once you optimise your sticker content, sit back and watch thousands of views acycumulating on your stickers...You will soon start seing results from your business page and if you are happy with the results, please don't hesitate to share the joy with with your friends.

SMART TIP: If you want more visitors to your page, just add more stickers related to that page. The more stickers you have on the front page, the more visitors will start flowing to your page and obviously from there they will be contacting you directly.

Bellow here are some popular questions received from our users with the related answers:

1. What I Can Do On Reliable Index?
Reliable Index is an online advertising platform designed to work for everyone in different walk of life. If you are business owner, you can promote your stuff either it is a new product, or a sale page or why not add a sticker with your amazing photos or images so our visitors will find you. Our Reliable Index is also great for regular visitors because they can search reliable resources such as cheap products, reliable businesses, beautiful places to visit around the world, and reliable service providers.

2. Who Can Register On Reliable Index
Anyone can register on Reliable Index. You can be a business owner or regular website visitors, or an agent with thousand of clients that you do advertising for. Start advertising but remember to follow the guidelines carefully.

3. I want to become a Reliable Index Member, Do I need to pay a fee?
No. To register on Reliable Index is 100% FREE. The registration process is very easy that will take less than 1 minute to complete.

4. Why should I register as a member?
I can give you a list of good reasons why you must register as a member. The best good reason is that Reliable Index will give you the most benefits you needed in an advertising website. You can add unlimited information and images to your business company through our pages and stickers. These are truly awesome features that will bring you sale leads increase brand exposure and much more.

5. What I can add to Reliable Index
You can add anything you want, from products, to services, websites, blog, articles events, job vacancies, properties, personal ads and more. All worthwhile information is welcome on our meaty Reliable Index.

6. Are there any fees for adding my stuff on Reliable Index?
Registration is 100% FREE with some great FREE membership benefits. However, if you want more features, wider brand exposure, advertise for your products and services, then, you can upgrade your membership to different paid packages that fits your budget.

7. What are homepage stickers?
Homepage stickers are a unique feature of Reliable Index to quickly add whatever you want to advertise. You can name it: new products, website services, new blog post, product page from Amazon or Ebay or any other platform or just a teaser for your new business event. The stickers will bring you views, visitors and more sales. Depending on your chosen membership package, you can add as many stickers as you want.

8. What is reliable index?
Reliable Index is a creative form of advertising tailored to meet the advertising demands for any aspect of your business, same as a source of valuable information for consumers where they can find reliable businesses, product, services, and lot more useful information. 

9. What does it offers to a business owner like me?
Regardless of the size of your business, Reliable Index is the right platform to increase your business exposure by adding content related to different aspects of your business.

10. What is the first step in adding my website to Reliable Index?
That's simple. You need to register to get your account up and running. Registration process is FREE and upon completion you can create your own page on reliable index. When you create your page, you can also add your website link on your newly created page.

11. Does it cost anything to add my page to Reliable Index?
There is a small administration fee to add your page on Reliable Index. For more information, please register for FREE and you will have full access to all pricing plans. 

12. What is the difference between Reliable Index and the other advertising websites?
There are lot of remarkable differences between Reliable Index and other advertising websites. The main difference is Reliable Index offers the opportunity to post your own content on our website. Then, we drive highly targeted traffic to your content enable the right clients to find you and connect with your business.

13. What makes Reliable Index, reliable?
Every piece of content added on Reliable Index is thoroughly screened before being approved. Therefore, if we consider that a business page or any other added content, doesn't meet the reliability criteria, we will not accept it on our site.

14. Who are the people behind Reliable Index?
The team behind Reliable Index is group of few professionals with decades of experience in online advertising and in-depth understanding of consumers needs,. Coupled with a team of professional developers, makes Reliable Index top advertising website that will work uninterrupted 24x7.

15. What are the benefits in adding my website to Reliable Index?
There are countless benefits you can enjoy in Reliable Index. The main benefit is to reach a new highly targeted audience at a very affordable cost, sometimes even free.

16. What are the packages that I can choose if I advertise my website in Reliable Index?
There are various packages you can choose from. You can start as FREE membership and then you only pay for when you need to upgrade if you think is worth for your business.

17. How can I know that my website is getting the needed exposure through Reliable Index?
We assume that every website owner, is using some form of traffic analytic software ( i.e google analytics ) to track it's visitors. Therefore, within your tracking software, you can find the traffic referrals or sources. After you register for FREE in Reliable Index, you will be amazed to find out how many visitors Reliable Index will refer to your business. Currently, you can check the number of visitors to each of your pages. Reliable Index is working on a full analytic software and hopefully, it will be available sooner.

18. What are the means used by Reliable Index to guarantee marketability of our website business?
Reliability Index uses amazingly simply idea but surprisingly effective means to market your business website. High quality plus superbly reliable content is the key to drive the traffic you need for your business.

19. How did Reliable Index started?
You can find this information on our website by reading the "About Reliable Index" page.

20. How do the stickers help in marketing my web business?
Stickers are a creative form of promoting your website business. This is how it works. Stickers that are properly named and described will be pots of gold for search engines. Through your stickers that are linked to your page in Reliable Index, you will harvest great numbers of viewers that can be converted to customers of your business.

21. What else should I do after adding my website to Reliable Index?
Adding your website to Reliable Index page is just the first step. The next step you must take is to create several stickers related to your page. The more stickers you add, the bigger the possibilities that your page will be visited by highly targeted traffic.

22. Can I expect a fast marketing result from Reliable Index?
The big answer is YES. However, you need to consider that faster results will depend on how fast you add content to your page. To illustrate this statement more vividly, please take these two scenarios: one scenario, you created a page for your business website without adding stickers and the other scenario you created a page with several stickers, photos, and video links. In the first scenario, you can expect slower results due to smaller possibilities that your page will be visited. On the other hand, the page with several stickers, photos and video links will garner more visitors and therefore will provide much faster results.

23. What do I need to add my website in Reliable Index?
Only few details that you need enable to add your website in Reliable Index such as the title, tagline, logo (of your business or website), and descriptions and of course your website link. That’s all and it’s easy to add website in Reliable Index.

24. How Reliable Index can capture my potential buyers of my business products?
With the magical wand and amazing features of Reliable Index, they can capture your potential buyers of your business products. How? The unique sticker feature of Reliable Index will be fishing-net-like of your prospective buyers. Depending on how well and persuasive your page and stickers, you can convert your prospective buyers to actual buyers. Reliable Index gives you the fishing tools, now all you have to do is the fishing.

25. Why I should trust Reliable Index in doing the advertising of my business website?
Reliable Index is built on trust and conceived from the idea to help business owner advertise fairly. It only allows posting stuff that can be trusted and reliable. Reliable Index understands that every member’s trust is very valuable. Therefore, the website is designed to provide the maximum benefits and addressed the needs of every advertiser. Based on a marketing study, Reliable Index creates the necessary platform that will cater all the essential ingredients of an effective marketing process. For these valuable reasons, you should TRUST Reliable Index in doing the advertising of your business website.

26. How long should I advertise my business website with Reliable Index?

Regardless of your membership package, once you have added your content, it will stay live on our site forever without paying a cent. Even if your membership expires, your content will remain live unless you will remove it.

27. How many days can I expect Reliable Index can bring my target clients at my business reception door?
Reliable Index is all about how well you manage your presence on Reliable Index. If you don't have time to be active on Reliable Index, then you can choose our fully managed membership package and then we will do all the work for you.

28. How I can be sure that my ideal customers are lurking in Reliable Index?
People prefer reliability these days and surely you can find these people in Reliable Index. This kind of people is the ideal customers for your business.

29. Can someone assist me in Reliable Index to move around in this website?
Right now we are in the process of developing a help base system that will help users to navigate through the site. Currently, we have a video explaining how the website works. We will also implement a 24 hours support chat system to assist users having difficulties going around the site but we don't have an exact timeframe for that yet. We will post an announcement to all members as soon as it will be available.

30. What can we expect from Reliable Index regarding marketing success to any business owners?
We can guarantee high quality traffic to your page/website. This particular traffic can be converted to potential buyers that will lead marketing success to your business.

31. Why I should use Reliable Index to advertise my business website?
I can give you several reasons why you should use Reliable Index to advertise your business website. First, it is reliable and tested that it brings traffic and this can be converted into potential buyers. Second, it is tailor fit to any budget. Third, it is a one time investment but long term results. Fourth, the platform is very easy to use and offers a lot of options. Fifth, it has sticker feature that attracts a lot of viewers. There are more benefits as soon as you register, you will see more reasons to advertise with Reliable Index.

32. If Reliable Index will be described in one word, what will it be? Example, Apple = different, Toyota = quality

33. What are the limitations of Reliable Index? What are the things it cannot do in the marketing field?
We will not promote gambling and adult related content.

34. What makes Reliable Index as the best option for advertising?
It's creative, flexible and affordable.

35. What are the marketing strategies used by Reliable Index to guarantee a successful exposure of my business website?
Reliability Index uses amazingly simply idea but surprisingly effective means to market your business website. High quality plus superbly reliable content is the key to drive the traffic you need for your business. Plus, the magical sticker feature is a catalyst of attracting traffic to any of your pages. Surely, with all these unique Reliable Index factors will bring you colorful results to your business advertising endeavor.

36. How to get started in using Reliable Index?
The First step is to Open your FREE account and add your own user profile information.

37. If we are not satisfied with the result, what Reliable Index can do about that?
This can be a rare case but in any case that our member will not be satisfied, there are things that we can offer to resolve this kind of problem: One, member can inform us of the problem and we will recommend how you should present your pages and stickers that will attract more viewers. Second, member can upgrade to packages that offers hassle-free advertising and offers more result.

38. If my business website is not getting enough exposure after adding in Reliable Index, what else can I do or what Reliable Index has to offer to help me succeed?
For the Pay As You packages, we do not offer exposure guarantees but if you like a guaranteed results, then please upgrade to one of our annual paid packages on which we will promise the number of impressions your content will get on our site.

39. What are terrible possible mistakes I can do when using Reliable Index?
Behaving inappropriately and abusing the opportunity to post and not following our guidelines will be permanently banned.

40. If my business website will be down, will it the content stay in Reliable Index?
We will randomly check the integrity of our index. In the case that your business website is no longer available or running, we will greatly appreciate if this will be reported on our contact page or you can delete the page and stickers from your account.

41. In a rate of one to ten as highest, how will you score the efficiency of Reliable Index in the field of marketing a business website?
It's 10 without a shadow of a doubt.

42. What kind of possible buyers found in Reliable Index, well-informed or accidental?
Eager REAL customers looking for a great business just like yours.

43. In how many months will Reliable Index increase the revenue of my business?
There is no guarantee that we will increase the revenue of your business, but we will provide high quality traffic which may convert into new clients.

44. What if Reliable Index website will be out of service, what will happen to the package that we have purchased? Can we guarantee money back
Reliable Index will NOT go out of business. Since Reliable Index is offering you the best possible platform and immediately the traffic will start to flow even from the first few days of you getting registered on Reliable Index, therefore, it is fair that there is no refund for your membership packages in case we will be out of service but that is not possible.

45. How can I be protected from fraudulent hackers of account when buying your package?
We do not store any payment information on site. All payments are made via Paypal therefore your payment details are protected by Paypal.

46. If I decide to buy advertising package from Reliable Index, is it possible to upgrade and downgrade after I will purchase one?
Yes you can upgrade at anytime, and sure, you can downgrade after the existing package will expire.

47. In case of upgrading and downgrading of my advertising package, how fast can I expect the change?
You can expect that withIn 24- 48 hours, we will take actions.

48. If I purchase an advertising package, is it possible to cancel it out?
We would advise to carefully consider whether Reliable Index is the right choice for you and if you have any doubts, please use the pay as you go package before considering the paid membership packages. However, if you decide to cancel after payment has gone through, you can do so for a maximum 72 hours time frame. In this case, we will keep a 30% administration fee and refund the difference. We can offer refund even up to a month after you signed up but then we will retain 50% of the amount you paid. We offer no refunds on Pay As You go packages.

49. If I cancel out a purchase of advertising package, when can I expect money back or refund?
We offer no refunds on Pay As You Go packages. For other refunds, please read our refund policy. Once a refund will be issued, it will normally take 48-72 hours to have the funds clear in your account. Please note that as we mentioned above here, we offer a pay as you go package so please make use of that package if you are unsure about Reliable Index.

50. In case my business website is presented wrongly within Reliable Index, what can you do to correct it? How fast can you do the corrections?
Your business cannot be presented wrongly on Reliable Index as most of the time, you will be the creator of your own content. However, mistakes can happen, so if it does, you can edit your content anytime. Changes will be verified by an administrator and will be approved in 24-48 hours.

51. Can someone help in writing high-SEO descriptions and best designs for my stickers to add my business website?
Yes. We can offer that service. Please contact us for more details.

52. What type of content I can add on my page?
You can add any type of content except the restricted adult and gambling content. Please refer the guidelines for posting contents.

53. Does my page needs to be a business related page? 
No. Your can page can be about anything you want. If you want to promote yourself, you can brand your page with your own name i.e Thomas More and then add any related sticker about you, your hobbies, links to your twitter account, facebook, your own book, your music or anything else you want. 

54. Can i promote other peoples content on my page?
Yes you can. As long as the content meets our guidelines, we will approve the content without any problems.

55. Can I create a page about a topic? 
Yes of course you can. For example if you want to create a page about great holiday places in California, you can name the page for example California Holidays. Then, you can promote various places from California using stickers, deals, blog and all other forms of content to enhance your page. Again, you can also promote third parties content if you wish to. Therefore You can create any page about any topic provided whatever content you add is absolutely related to the right page. We won't accept content that is unrelated to that page. 

56. Can I charge a fee to promote other peoples content
We cannot and will not interfere between you and any third party. We will not get involved in any transactions other than Reliable Index fees. Any transactions for promoting content on Reliable Index, that are not part of Reliable Index fees will be handled between you and the third party to agree on any terms of promoting their content. As far as we are concerned, we will approve any content that will meet our guidelines and that has passed through the administrator checking.  

57. Who owns the content after I post it on Reliable Index?
Reliable Index is the FULL AND ONLY owner of any content added on our site. However, we do not hold responsibility for any copyright infringements caused by our users by uploading content that they do not have to full rights for it.

58. Ok, so is there any way to advertise for FREE on Reliable Index? 
Yes, there is. Posting comments on content throughout the site, will allow you to enter your website allong with your comment and so when people will click on your name, they will be redirected to your site. However, your comments must be well written, relevant and usufull for our readers. Otherwise your comments will not be accepted.

59. I could not find the answer I am looking for, what can I do?
Please send us your question and we will reply ASAP. We look forward to help you

We aim to respond to your message ASAP

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