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The Future Of Search Engines 

In recent years the blockchain technology has been expanding really fast, and with that, the cryptocurrency trend is picking up. We have founded RIN to reward contributors for spreading up the word about us, and also to allow transfering value in RIN transactions between our business members and their clients. 

There are 3 options how you can get the RIN 

1. You can become a contributor of our network. You will then have to perform certain tasks for which you are getting paid in RIN
2. You can buy RIN from our website 
3. You can receive RIN from other RIN holder. 

The RIN can then be used to pay for services to companies listed on our site, or you can use RIN to pay for any services or packages available on Reliable Index

Here is a list of Freqvent Asked Questions:

1. What is RIN?
RIN is a crypto currency token build on the blockchain network.

2. What is the value of the RIN
The value of the RIN is set to 0.10 USD per each RIN but it can fluctuate accordingly to the cryptocurrency market. 

3. How I can get the RIN 
Please read above here how you can become a RIN holder

4. Once I have the RIN, where is that stored?
If your transaction is within our network, the virtual value of your RIN is stored safely on your wallet on our network. 

5. Can I withdraw the RIN from your site?
Yes. You can withdraw you RIN to any external wallet. 

6. What type of cryptocurrency wallet I need to make the withdrawal?
You need an ethereum wallet. You can get that FREE of charge on MyEtherWallet.

7. Do you store the private keys to my internal RIN wallet? 
No. Your wallet within our network, only store the RIN value, not the RIN itself, therefore there are no need for private keys. Your RIN is totally safe. You will only have and need private keys, when you decide withdraw your RIN to an external wallet. 

8. Do you store the private keys to my external wallet?
No. There are no private keys stored by us. You are responsible for storing your own private keys.

9. Do you protect the value of my RIN?
Yes. As long as you keep the RIN value stored within our internal wallets, your RIN value stays stable at USD 0.10 / each RIN

10. What is the value of my RIN if I decide to withdraw it outside the network?
If you decide to withdraw the RIN value from our internal wallets, then your RIN will worth as much as the crypto market goes. The current cryptomarket RIN value at the time of writing is RIN2000 / 1ETH and RIN100K / 1BTC

11. Can I get cash for my RIN?
We do not offer cash in exchange for RIN. There are some decentralized exchanges out there but we strongly advise you against using exchanges to cash out RINS.

If you have any further questions please contact us using the form below:

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