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Words will never do the sun, sand and sea justice - but our clothes may do the trick. We believe in laughter - and playing ping pong (at the same time). We believe happy hour should not be reserved for 5 o'clock. And surrounding yourself with an eclectic group of good people makes life more interesting. In our world winter doesn't really exist.  

Lilly is a lifestyle and an attitude. It's you having fun. It's you being fun. The body's best feature is a smile and it's the easiest one to work-out as well. Speaking of working out... floating in a pool for hours is the same as an hour with your trainer. Sun-kissed skin is better than makeup (and we're not asking where the tan came from).

Bright colors, open toed shoes and shifts brighten every day. We celebrate Lilly Girls through the twinkle in your eye, the wild streak, and that smile. 

About this collection: "We love the sun + sand, long lunches + short dresses and bright vibrant PRINTS.
With all of that said, here are some of our favorite pieces in the collection.
These are the staples - the cat's meow - the cream of the crop. You understand."

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