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The Power of Kindness

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Acts of kindness can go a long way to the lives of the receiver and also to the giver. These heartwarming experiences in our memories often fuel us to be kinder in our everyday dealings to other people as well. It is like throwing a stone in the water and creating a ripple effect. To put it better, like throwing a piece of bread in the water and fishes starts wiggling and creates a ripple effect.

We often underestimate our resources and we dwell with the thought of what is lacking in us.  The greatest misconception in kindness is to equate it only with giving money and giving material things.  This way of thinking degrades other resources like sharing ones talents, skills and time that are essential in giving.

The best gift we give to another is the giftedness of ourselves.  It can be a simple gesture as listening to the other person. When we listen, we put value to the presence of another person. It also provides a vicarious experience to learn from to the listener. It is always a win-win situation.

Let us a choose kindness. Kindness can never go wrong.

Please visit kindness.org and share your acts of kindness.

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