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Quik Pod Selfie Stick Is One Of The Best

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This selfie sticks allows you to capture selfies and videos from hard to reach angles. You can extend your camera with this monopod stick so that you could add more people and more background by just installing the camera to the selfie stick then set the frame and the timer then that’s it! A perfect selfie.

This selfie stick works with all types of cameras, it has a smartphone adapter that fits to phone up to 3.5 and it is water proof and very lightweight, so it can float if you accidentally drop it in water.

Plus it is very easy to adjust, even in taking close up under water shots, or why not videos and photos under water as it is waterproof.  Its worth investing on this, because comparing to others, its something that doesn’t rattle and flex, it's light and durable built.

However if this selfie stick is not something that you like, please feel free to browse the sellection bellow and surely you will find something to meet your needs

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